The Alamo Lateral Drain is one of the drainage systems that serves Precinct 1, 2 & 4 via various laterals. The drain commences approximately 1/4 of Sioux Road and is located 3/4 mile east of Tower Road and 1/4 west of Val Verde Road (FM 1423), travels in a north-south direction and terminates into the South Main Drain I which is approximately 1/4 north of Canton Road. The Alamo Lateral serves as the outfall for the Trenton Drain, Alberta Drain, L & J Drain and the Cesar Chavez Drain which serve several rural developments bounded by Cesar Chavez to the west, FM 495 to the south, Donna Irrigation District Main Canal to the east and Canton Road to the north. HCDD1 engineering staff prepared the design plans and performed the construction management and inspection services for the project. HCDD1 performed all the improvements to the ditch through in-house forces.

The ditch improvements have been completed and will serve rural areas via the Trenton Drain, Alberta Drain, L & J Drain and the Cesar Chavez Drain that are interconnected through the Alamo Lateral to the South Main Drain I, providing four miles of additional capacity and drainage relief to the area.

Approximately 70% more ditch capacity was added to this system by this project.


Type of Project 2018 Bond Project #28
Engineer Raul E. Sesin, PE, CFM - HCDD1
Contractor Clore Equipment
Cost $804,994.04
Status Complete