Faysville Drain
About the project

Faysville Drain si a project located in the Hidalgo County precinct No. 4. Project consists of the extension of a drainage ditch that was created to provide an outfall for US 281/I-69C,  the Community of Faysville and surrounding area. The drain is located approximately 1 1/4 mile north of FM 2812 on the west side of US 281/I-69C. HCDD1 extended the drainage ditch west via a pipe system which connects to an existing drainage ditch that currently outfalls into a temporary pump by-pass system with an ultimate outfall into the Edinburg Lake Drain. Faysville Drain will ultimately outfall into the proposed Raymondville Drain when the Raymondville Drain is constructed.

Type of Project 2018 Bond Project
Engineer KCI Technology, TEDSI 
Contractor RDH Site & Concrete
Cost 11A - $476,716.64
11B - $759,709.70
Status In Progress

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Phase B
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