About the project

The Indian Hills East Drain is a drainage project located in hidalgo County precinct No. 1. HCDD1 partnered with hidalgo County Precinct No. 1 to improve the drainage for this area. This system is located along the north side of IBWC north floodway levee and serves as the main outfall for Indian Hills East Subdivision, surrounding area, and FM 491 (Baseline Road). The project consists of the re-excavation and creation of a maintenance bench system of the existing drain starting at the existing IBWC gate structure located at the northeast corner of the intersection of FM 491 and IBWC north levee and going easterly to the southeast corner of said Indian Hills East Subdivision. The ditch was lowered to allow for the existing pipe discharges from said development to flow at a more efficient rate and to create more volume in the system. Hidalgo County Precinct No. 1 through in-house staff cleaned out the internal storm sewer system. HCDD1 in-house forces conducted all the improvements to the ditch. HCDD1 Engineering staff prepared the design plans and performed the construction management and inspection services for the project. the bench system created by this project will facilitate maintenance and at the same time create more volume in the system.

Status Complete