Kenyon Rd and Mile 17 Area Drainage Improvements Project
About the project

The project consists of improvements to the existing Monte cristo/Kenyon Drain north of Mile 17 1/2 Road and the extension of said drain via pipe and drainage ditch to Mile 17 Road. HCDD1 improved the drain north of Mile 17 1/2 by creating a maintenance bench which will facilitate maintenance of the system and at the same time created more volume in the ditch for storing and carrying capacity. this system also provides an outfall to an existing drainage ditch located adjacent to the east of Los Nogales Phase I Subdivision on the south side of Mile 17 Road. The roadside ditches were re-graded to ensure positive flow to the proposed drainage structures and road crossings were installed at Mile 17 and Mile 17 - 1/2. The existing crossing at Mile 18 was lowered to the flow line of the ditch.

The project was designed by HCDD1 Engineering and the pipe work and road crossings for Mile 17 and Mile 17-1/2 were contracted out. The ditch work was performed by HCDD1 crews.

The subdivisions and the surrounding reas will benefit from these proposed improvements by providing an improved outfall for the storm water to move out of the area.


Type of Project 2018 Bond Project
Engineer HCDD1
Contractor HCDD1 & Vencer Contractors, LLC
Cost $591,984.36
Status Complete