Penitas Drain - GLO Project
About the project

Penitas Drain Drainage Improvement project is in hidalgo County Precinct No. 3. A partnership between Hidalgo County Precinct 3, Texas General Land Office and HCDD1 was created for this project. The project was spearheaded by Hidalgo County Precinct No. 3, funding managed by the Urban County Program and funded by a grant, Hurricane Dolly Disaster Recovery Funds, from the Texas General Land Office. HCDD1, through in-house engineering staff, performed the construction management and inspection services for the project. The area has had flooding issues in the past, thus the need for improvements. This project consists of a multiple box crossing at US 83, the creation of a new drainage ditch and installation of drainage lines to drain several rural developments. The project commences at the proposed south Penitas Detention Basin located south of US 83. Multiple reinforced concrete boxes were installed across US 83 and the new ditch starts north of US 83 and continue north to HCID No. 6 main canal (Liberty Boulevard) located approximately 3,000 ft north of US 83. A bleeder drainage line discharges into this new drain from HCDD1 Bell Regional Detention Facility (RDF) located approximately 6,000 ft north of US 83. A pipe network system was constructed from Daniela Ozuna Subdivision, Reina Subdivision, Ramona Subdivision and Puerta Blanca Subdivision to the Bell RDF which provides improved drainage for the area. The pipe work along with the reinforced concrete box crossing of US 83 was contracted out.


Type of Project 2018 Bond Project
Engineer L&G Consulting Engineers, Inc.
Contractor Phase I - Saenz Bros. Construction, LLC
Phase II - Mor-Wil, LLC
Phase III - HCDD1
Cost $654,951.32
Status In progress