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What is Illegal Dumping?

Illegal dumping refers to the unlawful act of disposing of trash on private or public land where doing so is not permitted. This includes discarding items like appliances, tires, household garbage, construction debris, cars and yard waste. Illegally dumping trash is considered a crime and a threat to public health and safety.

If the dumping occurs anywhere but a location designated for trash disposal, that constitutes illegal dumping.

Littering and illegal dumping are crimes in Texas, and violations may take place at both misdemeanor and felony levels. The fine for illegal dumping in Texas ranges between $10 and $2000. Confinement in jail for a term not to exceed 180 days is also possible. 

Read the Health and Safety Code Chapter 365. LITTER to learn more.



Illegal dumping is the cause of many risks, for our health and our communities:

- It causes blockage of floodways which lead to future flooding events.

- The amount of wastes affects the quality of drinking water which leads to health issues.

- It contaminates lakes, rivers, streams and oceans.

- Wildlife can be harmed.

- Illegal dumping can be a fire hazard.

- It creates breeding/habitat grounds for disease-carrying vectors.

- There is direct exposure to toxic chemicals and hazardous wastes.


This is How You Can Help Reduce Illegal Dumping

  • Report any sighting of illegal dumping through our report system or by calling 1-800-381-1051.
  • Learn about recycling programs in your area.
  • Place "No Dumping" signs at your place of business and lock your dumpsters.
  • Don't transport loose items in the back of your vehicle, including trash and debris.

You can also report illegal dumping to any of the constable offices in our county:

  • Precinct 1 Constable Celestino Avila Jr. (956) 447-3775
  • Precinct 2 Constable Martin Cantu (956) 784-3510
  • Precinct 3 Constable Lazaro Gallardo Jr. (956) 581-6800
  • Precinct 4 Constable Atanacio "J.R" Gaitan (956) 383-8560

Collection Sites

If you or your neighbor need to throw away tires, furniture, etc. you can visit any of the collection sites across the Hidalgo County. More information is listed below.

  •  All collection sites require residents to have a valid county disposal permit displayed on vehicle windshield. Establishments tend to be closed on Sundays and during holidays.
  • Permit fees (may vary depending on the precinct):

    3 months: $25
    6 months: $50
    9 months: $75
    12 months: $100
Precinct Collection Sites Address Hours of Operation
1 Donna Citizen Collection Station Mile 4 ½ North East of FM 493 Donna, TX Mon – Fri. 7 AM – 4 PM
Saturdays 7 AM – 4 PM
Mercedes Citizen Collection Station Mile 1 East and Mile 6 North Mercedes, TX
Monte Alto Citizen Collection Station Mile 5 ½ West Road & Mile 21 North Monte Alto, TX
Hargill Collection Site Corner of 5th St. & Mckinley Hargill, TX
Sunset Park Citizen Collection Station 13266 Mile 1 ½ West Mercedes, TX 
2 El Gato Collection Site 300 W Hall Acres Suite G Pharr, TX  Mon – Fri 8:30 AM – 4PM
Saturdays 9 AM – 3 PM
3 Alton Landfill 6 ¾ Mile North or ¼ Mile South Hwy. 107
Los Ebanos Rd. Alton, TX
Mon – Fri 8 AM – 4:45 PM
Saturdays 8 AM – 11:45 AM
Penitas Landfill HWY 107 Mile 7 & Salida del Sol Rd. Penitas, TX
Penitas Landfill FM 1427 Military Rd 0.5 Mile West of FM 1427 Penitas, TX
Sullivan City Corner of Military Rd. and FM 886 Sullivan City, TX
4 M RD Recovery Center 1124 N M Rd Edinburg, TX  Mon – Fri 7:30 AM – 6 PM
Saturday 8 AM – 12 PM
Linn San Manuel Recovery Center TX – 186 Tues - Thurs.  7:30 AM - 6 PM
Saturday.   8 AM - 12 PM
Brush Site / Centro de Residuos Verdes Davis Rd & N Terry Rd Texas 78542

Report Illegal Dumping

You can submit your illegal dumping reports through the form below or by calling 1-800-381-1051. Reports can be anonymous.

Phone Number
Your report: Please include as many details as possible (location, time of sighting, dumped items)